Open House Western Avenue

We’re opening our doors at Western Avenue to you

If you’ve walked by our Merrimack St. window in the last week, you might have noticed – we moved! Our “upstairs” shops have relocated to the second floor at Western Avenue. Our members worked hard to break down cubicles, brighten the walls, and pack our shops. Last Thursday, Electronics, 3D Printing, Brewing, Fabric & Mixed Media Crafts, Photography, our Scanning Electron Microscope, kitchen, classroom, and conference room all moved to the new space!

Now we’re ready to open our doors to you!

This Saturday, September 5th, from noon to 4pm, come to 150 Western Ave #3 and look for the small white building to the right of the garage bays. We’ll be ready to greet you and direct you on a tour through the new Lowell Makes.

Masks are required for all visitors; we will limit the number of people in the building at once and hallways will be one-way.

When is the rest of Lowell Makes Moving?

For now Cosplay, Bike Repair, Rapid Prototyping, Pottery, Metal, and Woodworking are staying put in the basement at Lee St. while we build out walls and electrical in the 11,000 square foot “warehouse” at Western Ave. We have selected a contractor and will be starting construction very soon. We hope to move the remaining shops over at the beginning of November.

This is where we need your support. 

Our GoFundMe is still $17,000 short of our goal, and we need to close that gap and fund our construction. 

Thank you to our member volunteer packers and the Sterling moving crew!

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Weekly Open Houses

Starting this Wednesday January 22nd, we will be holding regular Open Houses every Wednesday from 6PM to 9PM in our space. The Open Houses will be open to both members and the general public to experience and discuss what Lowell Makes is all about. Most weeks we should have demonstrations on ongoing and completed projects. Other weeks we might have scheduled speakers and discussions on subjects involving technology, design, DIY culture and other related topics.

Encourage your friends and and family to come join us and take part in the next big thing in Lowell!

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Successful Open House

While our first of the two planned Open Houses this past week was a bust due to a power outage, our second Open House was a total success! We had several demonstrations on hand along with several members and many non-members in attendance. There were plenty of discussions around ongoing projects and classes as well as projects and classes people would like to see going forward.

Coming out of this last Open House we had added another member with the promise of another and a couple more signups for our coming this Saturday

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday and we hope to see you again at our weekly Open Houses going forward.