Mill City Skill Share

Held annually, Mill City Skill Share is a day of entirely free community-led workshops held in Lowell, Massachusetts which actually predates the founding of our Makerspace. The event originated as a means to barter knowledge of a skill, rather than trade for their use. Each instructor offers their time and understanding of a particular skill through hands-on workshops or live demonstrations. In turn, each can benefit from the time devoted to sharing the year’s collective skillset by fellow instructors.

Lowell Makes began hosting Skill Share in 2017 and over the time since it has grown to be an incredibly meaningful and rewarding experience for our members involved each year.  Skill Share remains, and will always be, open to the public with no cost to attend; you do not need to be a member of Lowell Makes to fully participate, hold a live demonstration, or teach a hands-on workshop at the event.

If you would like to propose a Skill Share Session or are interested in Volunteering at the event, below you will find buttons linking to their relevant form under this year’s event header. We look forward to hearing from you.

For 2024 Lowell Makes Presents:
12th Annual Mill City Skill Share

Saturday May 18th
11a-5p, Rain or Shine
Doors Open 10:30am

As with last year, while free to attend Skill Share is a Ticketed Event.

At the start of April this year’s ticket reservation form, similar to the one used for 2023’s Skill Share. A portion of our event capacity will again be used for tickets given to walk-ins and visitors from Western Ave Studios.

Reservation holders may arrive 30min before the first sessions start.

Any reserved tickets left unclaimed at the start of intermission will become available on a first come first serve walk-up only basis as was also done last year. Please do not reserve tickets you are not yet sure you need; if that number does actually increase, submit a second form for the additional number needed, not the new total. Just the same, if you later come to need less than reserve please reach and inform us of the adjustment needed.

Mass Cultural Council's Logo

This year’s event is in part grant funded; we once again express our sincere gratitude to the Mass Cultural Council whose continued support via their Festivals & Projects Program will provide over half the budget for Mill City Skill Share 2024.

Trying to find information on our previously held Mill City Skill Shares?
They have recently been moved to their own page: Skill Share Archives