Teaching a Workshop at Lowell Makes

Lowell Makes is not just a place to make stuff; we’re a place to learn and connect. If you’re interested in teaching a class with us, we’d love to know!

A Breakdown of Fees

Instructors come to Lowell Makes with a range of skills, interests, and abilities. We help make teaching easier by providing space, promoting, selling tickets, support day of, and handling the greater logistics so you can just come and do what you do best. In exchange, Lowell Makes asks for 20% of ticket sales for general overhead, and an additional 10-20% for the hosting Shop, depending on the use of space and tools. In addition, we offer a 20% class discount for our members.

We will work with you to choose a pricing structure that ensures you are fairly compensated for your time.

Next Steps

  • Please complete the Instructor Interest form.
  • We will pair you with a Shop Captain (i.e., Wood Shop, Metal Shop, etc.) or a member of our Education Committee to flesh out the class description and pin down timing and pricing.
  • We will then work with you to create a more formal proposal, including pictures, materials fees*, etc.
  • We will post the class on our member portal and external calendar and promote in our newsletter, on social media, and additional channels as appropriate.
  • We’ll make sure you have a contact within Lowell Makes to support you while you’re here, help attendees find their way to you, and keep things moving smoothly.
  • We will submit an invoice for you at the beginning of the next calendar month and email you to let you know it has been posted.
  • Payment is typically complete within the next 4 weeks, but does occasionally take a bit longer.

Please note: Lowell Makes is a volunteer-run organization. We’re passionate. We’re committed. We’re also human beings with other things in our lives. We strive to provide you with the best possible experience, but please bring kindness if that doesn’t quite happen.