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Becoming a member of Lowell Makes provides you with 24/7 access to our tools and workspace and gives you the chance to participate in our community, learn new skills, take workshops and classes, and have a voice in our organization.

Your membership dues directly fund our non-profit mission, allow us to build our collection of tools and workshop offerings, and enable us to do even bigger things for our community.

Members are also allowed to hold events, use the space for meetings, and even have guests over (guests must sign liability waivers).

Sign-Up Process

  1. Choose one of the membership options from the table below.
  2. Click JOIN NOW and complete the registration of your account through our Member Portal. You may also do this in person at Open House if you prefer.
  3. Come to our weekly Open House offered Wednesdays at 6:30pm to complete the in-person portion of your signup.
  4. Complete the Orientation in-person during Open House and receive your key fob to access the space.
  5. Visit our New Member Resources page to learn more
  6. Show commitment, have ideas, get involved and start making!
All memberships are 18+
TierEntrepreneurProfessionalMakerStudent / Young Adult
Home Base for Your BusinessFor the Serious UsersFor the Hobbyist
Available upon request to anyone with a valid student ID or anyone under 21 with a valid ID
Monthly Cost$99$74$49$35
24/7 Access to all Facilities✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Class/Workshop Discount ✔️ 20% ✔️20% ✔️20% ❌ not available
Locker Rental ✔️ 2 units included ✔️ 1 unit included ✔️ additional $10 per month❌ not available
Shelf Storage Rental ✔️ additional $30 per month ✔️ additional $30 per month❌ not available❌ not available
Conference Room Rental ✔️ 4 hours included ✔️ 2 hours included ✔️discount on public rate ❌ not available
Classroom Rental ✔️ as available ✔️ as available ✔️discount on public rate ❌ not available
Desk Rental (additional fee) ✔️ as available ✔️ as available ❌ not available ❌ not available
Space/ Floor License
(additional fee)
✔️ as available ❌ not available ❌ not available ❌ not available
Reserve Equipment* ✔️ by request ✔️ by request ❌ not available ❌ not available
Additional Members at $35 per month ✔️ up to 5 additional team members ✔️ up to 2 additional team members ✔️ 1 team member, must be same household ❌ not available

*none of our equipment currently requires a reservation

As of March 2022, all new Space/Floors License Agreements require an Entrepreneurship-level membership.