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  • Welcome to our building blog!

    On Thursday, May 14 2020, we successfully completed the purchase of 150 Western Ave #3 in Lowell! Our local paper, The Lowell Sun, covered the story with the headline “Lowell Makes Dreams Come True,” which is an accurate way to describe how we were feeling. Our President Samantha Burdett and co-Founder John Noto were present for a socially-distanced signing and

  • Workshops galore!

    Hello folks, We’ve been busy these past few weeks building out our space and putting together workshops for you and our members. Some have already been mentioned, but others are entirely new and exciting.

  • Legendary Eeldrytch Leather Workshoppe Comes to Lowell

    Lowell Makes is proud to announce the addition of Eeldrytch Leather Workshoppe to our family.  Eeldrytch is known across the land as one of the top producers of leather goods popular at Renaissance Faires.  If you have ever been to King Richard’s Faire—you have seen Eeldrytch leather. For over 30 years, Eeldrytch Leather Workshoppe has been producing a variety of top-quality leather goods

  • Soldering Workshop

    Lowell Makes would like to present a new learning opportunity! A soldering class has been booked for May 10th here at Lowell Makes! If you’ve never soldered before, this is the class for you! This course teaches through-hole (90% of electronic kits) soldering and is recommended for the beginner. This is a hands-on class where the students learn techniques to

  • Open House / cookout tomorrow

    Sorry for the last minute post, but tomorrow; 04/09/2014 our regularly scheduled weekly open house from 6pm to 9pm will be a cookout as well! We will have a grill outside our door to the right and be cooking up some of the usual cookout delicacies (hotdogs, hamburgers, kielbasa). So come join us for our weekly open house. Check out