Wood Shop

A 3,000 sq ft space featuring a lathe room, bench room, finishing room and a power equipment room.  A fully equipped woodshop serves the project needs from the beginner to the professional woodworker.  Rikon Tools, our corporate sponsor, donated new power equipment including: 25” wide planer, 12” jointer, two bandsaws, two drill presses, edge sander, several disc and belt sanders, scroll saw, and blade sharpening equipment.  In the lathe room, Rikon Tools donated 2 full size lathes and 4 mid-sized lathes.  In addition, the shop features a SawStop professional table saw.  

All experience levels are welcome to join our shop. Half our members come in with no woodworking skills but plenty of ideas.  We offer two levels of checkout, one for those who just want access to the shop and its hand tools, sanders, and drill press.  And a second check out level for those who want full access to our equipment.  The shop offers workshops to train members to safely operate the power equipment.  

Projects vary considerably.  University students often make beds and other items for their dorm rooms.  One member made the cabinets for his camper van.  While others focus on dining room tables, chairs and side tables.  Cutting boards have become immensely popular.  The lathe room sees members turning all types of bowls, pepper mills, and spindles for projects.


  • 3HP SawStop Table Saw
  • Grizzly 8″ Jointer
  • 20″ Thickness Planer
  • Lathes
  • Band Saw
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Routers
  • Scroll Saw
  • Clamps
  • Tons of hand tools


Shop Checkout required for Wood Shop use. The individual is to demonstrate competent and safe operation of all power machines through the milling and cutting of a rough sawn board into a true and square dimensioned board. 

Lathe Room is a separate checkout

  • Level 1: Spindle Turning
  • Level 2: Bowl Turning

Shop Captains

Jon Goplerud & Jim Richard

Questions? Contact [email protected]