Metal Shop

The metal shop at Lowell makes is a general fab shop not limited to only metal, includes fields such as machining, welding, and general metal fab. The shop is looking to expand into forging, black smithing and metal casting. We have a large range of tooling ranging from a CBC vertical mill to a English wheel. We have full size knee mill and engine lathe, as well as a MIG and AC/DC TIG welder.


  • AC/DC TIG welder
  • MIG welder
  • CBC vertical mill
  • English wheel
  • Full size knee mill
  • Engine Lathe
  • Sharp knee mill
  • South Bend heavy 10 lathe
  • Sherline mill and lathe
  • Bench top mini mill and lathe
  • Bench grinders, sanders , porta band vertical band saw setup, drill press
  • Full size upright drill press
  • Horizontal band saw
  • 20 shop press
  • 10 ton arbor press
  • Miller Tig welder
  • 50″ finger brake
  • 3-in-1 2ft shear/break/roller
  • CNC Router
  • Large mix of hardware


Required for all machines: Metal Mill, Lathe, Tormach CNC, MIG, TIG, Surface Grinder, & Belt Grinder (separate checkouts by machine)

Shop Captain

Ben Towle

Questions? Contact [email protected]