Machine Shop

Upcoming Workshops

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Currently Available

  • Tormach 770 CNC Mill
  • sharp knee mill
  • South Bend heavy 10 lathe
  • Sherline mill and lathe
  • bench top mini mill and lathe
  • bench grinders, sanders , porta band vertical band saw setup, drill press
  • full size upright drill press
  • horizontal band saw
  • 20 shop press
  • 10 ton arbor press
  • miller tig welder
  • mig welder
  • 50″ finger brake
  • 3-in-1 2ft shear/break/roller
  • CNC Router
  • large mix of hardware

On Our Wishlist

  • newer lathe
  • drop shear and stand alone roller to replace the 3-in-1
  • bead roller
  • surface grinder

The Machine Shop at Lowell Makes has everything you need for working with metals and plastics. From CNC milling to welding, we’ve got tools to help with with projects of all sizes.

Shop Captain

  • Ben Towle

    Machine Shop Captain

    Shop Captain Ben Towle went to school for metal fabrication welding/sheet metal/Black smithing at Shawsheen Vocational school, originally for art reasons.

    Ben took up classes that allowed him to work with sheet metal and gain more experience in welding, for a couple years, before becoming a tool room machinist apprentice.

    After switching to a Bio Semiconductor company, he ended up running their machine shop for 6 years. Later he began his current job doing R&D production in the auto industry.