Bicycle Repair

In Lowell Makes Bike Shop you can maintain your bike as the season goes, make repairs, and even replace major parts. Once you are checked out, you’ll be allowed to use the tools and access all of the shop’s spare parts. So long as you don’t leave your bike in the shop overnight, you are free to drop in anytime.

In addition to our physical resources, we have a growing community of makers who you can ask questions to and chat with. Most of us are on Basecamp. You can sign up on the Lowell Makes Town Square Basecamp link, or click here to join the Bike Shop Basecamp. 

Bike Shop Basecamp Link:


  • Bike Stands
  • The Truing Stand (used for straightening out wheel rims)
  • Handheld Tools (includes our collection of specialty wrenches)
  • Instruction Guides

Tools, which are blue, do not leave the Makerspace unless you get permission from Sam or Steve first. All spare parts and bike accessories are yours to use and keep!

Donations of parts and supplies are greatly appreciated. Important: Please contact Steve or Sam BEFORE donating, so we can make sure that it’s something that meets the needs of our shop.


Checkouts are required, but they’re very quick (approximately 5 min). 

Shop Captains

Samuel Green & Steve Birmingham

Question? Contact [email protected]