We are fundraising for up to an $18,000 laser cutter, thanks to three generous donors who will match up to $9,000! Much larger, much more powerful, and with more cutting capabilities. Donate at this link!

In the Laser Shop at Lowell Makes we offer a pair of high-tech machines (and corresponding software) designed to fashion both intricate designs and carefully-cut pieces that will help you bring many of your projects to life. The main two functions of our lasers are cutting (also called “vector”) and engraving (called a “raster”). It gets even better in that they are versatile enough to work with acrylic, leather, wood, cardboard, EVA foam, and anodized metals.


  • Full Spectrum
  • Glowforge


Separate checkout required for each machine

Shop Captains

Samuel Green & Castro-Yves Arboite

Questions? Contact [email protected]