Who We Are

A membership‐driven collaborative space equipped with a wide variety of tools, machines, materials, computers and other resources where individuals can gain and practice modern skills with state‐of‐the‐art technology, access to resources they could not otherwise, and a community of creative minded people who make all kinds of things. “Art is the Handmaid of Human Good” is both the City of Lowell’s motto, and a reminder of Lowell’s rich industrial and artistic history as our inspiration.

The space will be used for brainstorming, visioning, problem solving, design, prototyping, custom fabrication and repair. As a “makerspace,” in addition to routine use by members, the space will also be used for classes and workshops for both members and visitors in a wide variety of subjects.  Lowell Makes draws inspiration from Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA and MakeIt Labs in Nashua, NH.

Classes will be led both by members and invited visitors who have knowledge of skills, trades and technologies. They could include things such as rudimentary carpentry and electrical wiring, to advanced microcontroller programming and robotics. Anything creative can happen here.

Primary operating expenses will be rent and utilities, which will be funded wholly by membership payments and revenue from classes. Individual memberships will be $49 to $110 per month, with a goal of offering discounted memberships for students and others with limited financial resources who want to learn, and become part of the creative economy and/or a creative member of society.

Qualifying memberships will have 24×7 access through the use of electronic tokens which also unlock restricted equipment available for use by authorized individuals who have had the proper training. Lockable space will be available for a fee to hold materials and equipment not generally available for shared use.

Equipment and resources available to members and authorized visitors will include things such as 3D printers, laser etchers and cutters, CNC mills, plus more traditional shop tools such as drill presses and a variety of saws. Also available will be computer workstations loaded with best‐of‐breed software for design and fabrication.

Outreach is being done to manufacturers of specialized equipment and software, such as 3D printers and CAD software, to secure donated or discounted items with training. The long‐term interest by these businesses to have as many people skilled with their technology as possible is their primary motivation.

Lowell Makes is conveniently located in downtown Lowell with easy access to highways, parking lots and spaces, public transit and bicycle sharing.  See our location page for details.