Mission & Values

Lowell Makes was founded in 2013, with a simple goal to create a space for makers of all kinds to pool resources and talent, and to build a sum greater than its constituent parts. We are constantly evolving new and better ways to serve that goal.

Our Mission

Lowell Makes is a collection of open workshops and laboratories where members and students can collaborate to learn, share, and hone crafts of all kinds. We are focused on providing a space for education, entrepreneurship, and engagement with the community of Lowell, Massachusetts, and beyond.

Our Vision (The Three Es)

We are dedicated to the following values:


We want a space that inspires members to learn by doing. With guidance from other Makers, we wish to build a place for anyone to experiment, discover, and develop new skills and crafts.


By providing access to space, tools, and expertise, we seek to help our Makers innovate and invent, and to create new ventures.


We hope to foster a growing community of Makers, who collaborate and build upon each other’s ideas. Likewise, we aim to engage with the local community of Lowell, Massachusetts, to share our knowledge, imagination, and creativity, and to provide an example for others to follow to become Makers.