Please read our FAQs before contacting Lowell Makes directly.


What is Lowell Makes making?

Please see the individual pages for 3D-printed masks and face shields. Lowell Makes will provide all non-3D printed components, but we are not providing any filters with our masks. The organization receiving masks is responsible for determining and sourcing their own filter material.. For our preliminary filter research, see our page for 3D-printed masks.

Is your 3D printed mask FDA or NIOSH approved? 

Our masks are not approved by the FDA or NIOSH or any other state or federal regulatory body. Our masks should not be considered a replacement for an N95 mask.

Lowell Makes is taking great care to collaborate with healthcare professionals and other makers to develop these items; however these items have not been tested or approved for medical use. Lowell Makes makes no guarantees that these masks will prevent transmission of COVID-19. If you accept a mask from Lowell Makes or use any of the information on this page to create Personal Protective Equipment, you agree to the terms of the Lowell Makes PPE Waiver.

Please continue to adhere to current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Please see updated FDA Guidance on 3D-printed PPE HERE.

Can I buy PPE?

Lowell Makes is not selling PPE and will not distribute on an individual basis. We are working directly with local healthcare facilities to donate masks as available.



Are you still accepting donations of 3D printed mask components? 

We are not accepting additional prints of the original mask design. Please see our March 31 project update for details.

Should I 3D-print shield parts? 

We are selecting which NIH-approved shield we want to make and that our hospital partners will accept. We’ll put out a call when we have selected a model.

How can I get my 3D printed components to you?

Please email [email protected] to arrange for a volunteer to meet you at Lowell Makes. When you have a confirmed time, come to 115 Merrimack St. and ring the doorbell. We will do a contact-free hand-off and sanitize your masks before we handle them.

If you are not in the Lowell area, please coordinate as much as possible with your local healthcare facilities. This is a grassroots effort to help communities fill their own needs.



How can I get PPE? 

THANK YOU for your important work. We are not able to hand out masks on an individual basis, but can try to work with your facility’s administration to seek approval for us to donate masks. Please have your facility’s leadership email [email protected].



How can I donate to this effort?

We will accept donations to offset the cost of purchasing supplies and running our operation. On our online donation form, check the box to designate your donation to a specific fund, then select COVID-19 Response.

We are also accepting donations of supplies. Please email [email protected] to arrange donation. Thanks to all who have donated so far; we do have enough hot glue sticks at this time. We currently need:

  • Items from our Amazon Wish List
  • 1.75 mm PLA and PETG filament – NO OTHER TYPES
  • 1/4″ wide elastic bands
  • polycarbonate sheets around 1/4″ inch thick (see shields page)