About Lowell Makes

Lowell Makes, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and “makerspace.”  Makerspaces are all unique, but share many things in common:

  • Shared equipment, tools and resources most people cannot afford on their own or fit in their homes.
  • A vibrant community that loves to make, fix, invent and modify,or “hack” things – all kinds of things – and loves to share knowledge and learn.
  • An ecosystem where anyone can be a student, teacher or both.

Like many makerspaces, we have a mix of high-tech things like 3D printers and CNC mills, along with more traditional workshop spaces including a wood shop and metal shop. Ultimately, the kinds of things we have will be determined by our members.

Lowell Makes is the result of the ideas of three people who live in Lowell and love Lowell, each with very different backgrounds, who may not have ever met if they hadn’t found themselves enrolled in the same class in the Mill Cities Leadership Institute (formerly the Sandbox Leadership Institute).

Who We Are

Eric — An audio/video/computer technologist who works at Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (“LTC”), is heavily involved in the local music scene and lives in downtown Lowell.

John — A astrophysicist whose company provides equipment that looks at weather in space and on the earth from satellites; John also lives in downtown Lowell.

Kamal — An IT and network operations specialist who currently works at a robotics company, is a small farm operator with his girlfriend, and lives in the Acre.